My name is Sydney and I'm a recent graduate of College of the Ozarks with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Studio Art: Graphic Design and a minor in Family Studies. I work for an awesome little multi-media production company, Creative Endeavors. I began working there in May 2020 and have loved being apart of watching it grow! I do lots of web design as well as logo design for our clients. If you haven't already checked out my portfolio page, head over there next. 

Along with design, I also have a passion for adoption and orphan care. I spent some time in 2017 working in an orphan care facility in China and had an internship with CCAI adoption agency in Denver, CO in 2019. I want to help non-profits, such as adoption agencies, through marketing by using visually appealing advertisements. To learn more about me and working together, head over to the contact page and send me a message. 

artist Statement

My work as an artist is a reflection of the individual as she relates to others. As a tree grows from a seed, spreading roots, a trunk, and branches, so does a person begin as a seed, rooted in her environment, growing into a unique individual. Along the way her branches grow longer and more intertwined with each interaction and relationship; these connections influence the way she grows.


Like a human, the longer you study a tree, the more you learn about it. Every person has an important and complex journey that is impossible to be fully comprehended by another person. I use trees to explore the relational links and connections made in an individual's life that shape who that person becomes. My hope as an artist is to allow the viewer to explore her own life and make connections about herself, while viewing the art based around mine.

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